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History Of Mount Abu City

History of Mount Abu, Rajasthan, cannot be defined singularly. There are a number of legends that are integrally linked to the hilly terrains of Mount Abu. According to one such Hindu Legend, it is said that there was a great sage named Rishi Vashishtha. Once he was meditating in peace and his cow named Nandini got struck into a deep gorge. Rishi Vashishtha loved his cow dearlbanner1y. Therefore the sad plight of his beloved cow moved him and he could not find solace until he found a suitable means to rescue her from the catastrophe.

Therefore, he started praying to Lord Shiva, the most benevolent of all the god and goddess on earth. Lord Shiva was ultimately satisfied with the prayers of Rishi Vashishtha. He came down to the earth and blessed him. Due to his eternal blessings, River Saraswati inundated the gorge and the body of Nandini was drifted afloat. Thereby the cow of Rishi Vashishtha, Nandini, was saved.

But the sage understood one thing. He came to the notion that since the rocky cliff stands in a bad position, it may also cause the misfortune of others. Therefore, he wanted to make sure that the gorge does not hurt anybody later. Therefore, he sought the help of Snake Arbud. It is due to his help that the cliff was finally filled with water. From the name of the snake Mount Abu derived its name.

The History of Mount Abu, India, is therefore deeply embedded in the Indian Mythology. According to the second legend, it is said that Arbuda Devi, located atop the Mount Abu Hill Station, named the place where she dwells after her own name. Arbuda Devi is the goddess who gives rains, Arbuda means rain. In a desert zone like Rajasthan, rain is the harbinger of life and peace. Therefore the rain goddess is held high and is worshipped day in and day out in order to obtain her blessings. The blessings of Arbuda Devi who contributed to the naming of this city is always sought.

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