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History Of Lucknow City

Intriguing is the history as well as the origin of the city of Lucknow, which appears the same for the common man as well as many historians. The earliest dynasty that was supposed to be present in the city of Lucknow was the Suryavanshi dynasty. From the ancient times, Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s brother had founded this ancient city. A fully functional city was however found in the lucknow-tourist-attractions18th century.

When the mughal emperors, started appointing the Nawabs for an effective provincial administration from 1720 onwards, Mohammad Amir Saadat Khan, was made the awadh viceroyal in 1732. Under his rule, one of the major provinces was that of lucknow. Gradually, the rule of the Nawabs, altered the history of this place, which previously was somewhat unknown. It was under these nawabs that the city flourished better than ever before. It is said that the progress of Lucknow after 1755, was quite exponential, especially under the rule of Nawab Asaf-ud-daula. There was development of lucknow in every aspect of life such as music, dance, poem, art and the general lifestyle of the citizens.

Lucknow acquired the status of the state capital for the purpose of administration, when it was invaded by the britishers.  Against the british rule, plenty of uprising were seen, whereby a number of movements by Indian radicals and many bad incidents related to these, left the lucknow culture with blemishes.  It was only after Indian independence that the city of Lucknow was made as the capital city of Uttar Pradesh Government. From that time onwards, the city has progressed gradually over the years till the present times.

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